Our Story


Hello, I'm Coren

Some would say world-traveller,entrepreneur and dreamer, but I would say I'm just one women on a mission to making my little part of the world that little bit better. 
Starting this business I went into it with ambition and dreams bigger than one person could handle but somehow it worked out! This all started from my bedroom in my parents house to then taking over the living room and growing way beyond anyone's expectation. 


So, how, why and what did I do to start my online business? 
The truth is there is no secret, no fast fix, and no magic recipe other than working hard and having clear goals! 
Like most people I started this journey in 2018 living out of a smelly backpack travelling across Bali wearing the elephant hippy pants, as that's the done thing to do. After travelling the world in search of beautiful scenery and coastlines I soon became aware of the extent plastic pollution is having on our planet.
Bali really was the first place to open my eyes to this issue of plastic pollution. Before it felt like I was travelling blind, of course I recycled and disposed of my waste correctly but I didn't make any attempt to reduce my plastic consumption.  Returning home I looked at my own single use plastic consumption I was shocked by the amount I had thrown away while travelling.

So I thought… there has to be a better way!

That’s it bamboo… Bamboo is a sustainable material that grows quickly in china and other parts of Asia making it perfect for our plastic alternative. I started by looking at all the products on the market and bought some items to start my sustainable lifestyle but I either wasn't happy by the price or the quality. So that's when I started the process of creating my own brand and products. 
October 2019 I welcomes my first product into the market launching on Instagram and Etsy. Overwhelmed was an understatement when I became a bestseller on Etsy and sold out of my first batch in 2 weeks. 
We create hand crafted items out of bamboo which can replace plastic alternatives. We wanted to give you the opportunity to make a difference by using products that are non-toxic, BPA-Free, 100% eco-friendly and sustainable.

If you are passionate about the environment like I am, you may want to follow us on Instagram to see out latest trips and campaigns.

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