Top 5 Travel Essentials

Top 5 Travel Essentials

Happy Spring, the holiday season is upon us. 

I'm a sucker for any occasion and if you are anything like me you defiantly go over the top with gift buying. But somewhere I always get stuck on is buying gifts for the men in my family. Am I right!

Bamboo Cutlery - My Dads Favourite 

Working on the road, my dad often get's food on the go. He keeps his bamboo cutlery set in his car, prepared for any food emergency.  


Bamboo Cutlery set

Bamboo Toothbrush - My Mums Favourite 

Now that we can see friends again my mum has been planning her Christmas trip with the girls. Making our bamboo Toothbrush a lovely gift for all. 


Bamboo Straw - My sisters Favourite 

For anyone who knows us, we love a drink and our bamboo straws are perfect for nights in or out. 


Bamboo Straw and cutlery set

Reusable Bag - My Favourite 

You never know where your travels may lead, and if you are like me, that often includes lots of shopping. Carry your own back for those shopping emergencies. 
Reusable tote bag

Reusable Cup - My Favourite 

Refillable cup's are great for the environment and encourages you to drink more water! Should be bring out our own?
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