SeaForYourselfco -  Guide to Wild Camping

SeaForYourselfco - Guide to Wild Camping

What do I need for wild camping?

Wild camping isn't for the faint hearted, you have so many things you need to think about which you wouldn't normally have to consider when camping at a campsite. The main things include toilet, drinking water, cooking facilities and shelter. Travelling Scotland last summer in my Fiat 500, I experienced both campsites and wild camping and want to share the tips I learnt along the way. 


Make sure you take a tent which reflects the weather conditions of your adventure. Some tents are light weight and perfect for summer camping like we did.  Also make sure you know how to put up your tent before camping! (There is nothing worse than putting up a when it is dark and raining).


Where we were wild camping, fires are not allowed. So the perfect option for us was portable stove. Rather than cooking in the field by the tent. We ate dinner by the car then hiked to our tent later on. 

Drinking Water

Where possible we would fill up our 10 litre water carrier, to ensure that we always had access to fresh drinks water. If you are hiking, I would recommend a life straw or water bottle. Which allows you to drink from any flowing water. 
One product I will take on every hike or travel adventure is our SeaForYourselfco Bamboo cutlery. I use to always forget a fork for my lunch or leave it in the bottom of my bag to get covered in mud from my boots. Having a handy cotton pouch to keep everything clean, making wild camping that little be easier.
Tag us in your next adventure with your SeaForYourselfco bamboo cutlery
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