Experience a different way of living

Experience a different way of living


So I did a thing … I decided to experience a different way of living. As you may have seen on my Instagram, I took the plunge and bought a converted campervan or as I like to call him Dave. I was lucky to find a van that had already been converted and included everything I needed for my adventure around Scotland.

If you are like me and want to build a campervan and don’t know where to start or what you like. Try renting a campervan to get the feel for the size and amenities you will need. After renting a converted car in New Zealand. I knew I wanted a bed that I didn’t have to fold away, a fridge to keep my food fresh and a toilet to use while wild camping.

I found my van on a Facebook page called Vans under 5K and it is exactly as I imagined my self build to look like. So I messaged the man an hour after the advert went live hoping to get a chance to view it. Not knowing how I would get there?, How I would bring the van home? or even if I would be confident driving it. I was the third person to view the van and convinced my Dad to do the 3 hour drive on a Sunday evening to view it.

When I first saw the van I knew it was mine, I hadn’t just driven 3 hours to say no! We sorted out the paperwork and I followed my Dad who drove my new van home. I remember thinking, how the hell am I going to drive this van to Scotland in a week? Where am I going to stay? How will I shower? But if you know me if I’ve made my mind up I will make it work.

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